About the Peeples Family

Our Story

We are the Peeples Family, originally from Ohio. In March of 2021, we sold most of our belongings and decided to embark an adventure into the nomad lifestyle with our 3 daughters.

After Rob served as a Youth Pastor for over a decade, we discovered we got caught up in the 9-5 routine and longing for vacations together. In 2013 ( (Ashley) joined a stay at home business and worked really hard for 5 years to get to the top of the career plan with the dream of  more family time and financial freedom. The burning desire was so strong because of all the financial trials we had been through in the first 7 years of our marriage. There was a season that we were even on Food stamps. Ministry is rewarding and very hard all at the same time.

In December of 2019, Ashley felt like she “arrived” getting to the top of the direct sales company, and then March of 2020 hit, and business was shifted to online, and it was thriving! Rob quit his full-time Youth Pastor position and we bought our first RV (a Class A Motorhome) in July 2020 and set out on a 2 month trip.

This. changed. everything.

I (Ashley) fell in LOVE with being on the road. I kept saying things like “I love my life!” and “I don’t miss anything at home.” This began the spark that

lit the flame into RV life! We came home in November from our long trip (just in time for the winter in Ohio), and I started researching if people lived in their RVs and traveled with kids, sure enough! I found what I was looking for all over Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest!

After Rob said “Not in THAT RV!,” I knew we just needed an adjustment and I could get his “buy in!” The next month, we bought a Dually, and traded in our Class A for a 2021 Keystone Fuzion Toyhauler.

Over the next couple of months we downsized our belongings room by room. We separated into piles things we were going to throw away, donate, keep, store or sell.

This was probably the hardest part for most people, as it can be very emotional and mentally exhausting. In order to expedite the process and make things easier on the kids we hired my assistant to sell things for us on Facebook marketplace while we were gone on a “shake down trip” for 2 months that included our first Full Time Family Rally where we met a ton of friends! We gave her a percentage of the sales and when we came back in May 2021, we figured out quickly the things we didn’t need and the things we needed. We did a garage sale with what was left, stored some valuables in a storage unit, sold the house and a rental property all in under 30 days!

Fast forward to today– we have been through a lot including an RV Accident that caused us to buy a new RV (Keystone Avalanche 378BH) while our Toyhauler took 9.5 months to get fixed. All the while we know God had a plan and a purpose in all of it and we made many connections through that hard season. We are now renting out that Keystone Fuzion in hopes you might like to try out camping near the Myrtle Beach, SC area!

All that said- we are SO glad you are HERE!!! We are ALL about the PEOPLE and the PLACES Follow our journey over on Instagram