There are many memberships you can choose from when getting on the road full-time. Our goal is to save money, add convenience or value to our family. If they don’t serve a purpose, we cancel it.

1. Thousand Trails This is our TOP membership that has saved us thousands of dollars. There are many difference levels of memberships and you can add on things like the Trails Collection. We went with the Adventure membership because it just made sense to us. When we went on two long trips before we were full-time we spent on average $1,500-$2,000 on camp grounds per month. All I did was take the low end and multiply it by 12 months to quickly figure out that even the top tier was a no brainer for our family. Something you do need to consider is the style of travel for your family, if you are flexible on location, this will work well. If you are not, remember there are not Thousand Trails campgrounds everywhere. We loved having the ability to book 180 days out, and 90 days out with out Trails Collection as well. Click on our link and talk to our amazing reps Sharon and Warren!

2. RV Overnights This membership gives us a peace of mind that when we need one-night stays between locations, we don’t need to pay for a campground.  We love the unique locations such as breweries, wineries, golf courses, and farms. You can stay 1-5 nights, depending on the location and we love that you can reserve a specific spot! They are adding new hosts all the time, and this is a fraction of the cost compared to their competitor Harvest Host.

3Fulltime Families – we love this membership because it connected us with the Full-time RV family community! When we first got on the road, we made it a priority to go to their Florida Rally in the winter, and felt immediately at home. We found our PEOPLE! It allowed us to learn so much from other families that have been on the road longer than we have too! We went back the second year too! They also have many different Facebook groups as well, broken down by subject. Be sure to join the facebook group and look under

4. Escapees this is how we get mail forwarded on the road. We pay $25/ per month, they give us a domicile address and a mailing address. When we want our mail forwarded, we just call and pay for it to be sent to us via FedEx.